ROSIE & CATHY @Broadway Beauty were established with a strong foundation built on three core principles: a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, a dedication to providing exceptional service, and an emphasis on technology-driven solutions. Our primary goal is to ensure our clients receive the safest and most effective beauty treatments available. With each of us specializing in our respective fields, we work collectively to deliver personalized care that enhances your appearance and overall well-being.

Cathy Smyth

Cathy, a former nurse, brings over two decades of experience to her role as a certified massage therapist. Her expertise spans a diverse range of massage techniques, including Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Hot Stone massage, and Indian head massage. What sets Cathy apart is her knack for tailoring each treatment to create a personalized, one-of-a-kind experience for every client. In addition to her mastery of massage, Cathy also offers IPL hair removal treatments, further broadening her portfolio of beauty services.

Cathy’s background as a nurse and her extensive experience in the world of massage and beauty treatments make her a trusted professional who not only delivers skillful and soothing massages but also offers cutting-edge IPL hair removal services to meet the diverse needs of her clientele. Her commitment to providing individualized, top-quality experiences is a testament to her dedication to client satisfaction.

Rosie Smyth

Rosie boasts two decades of experience in the beauty industry, during which she has cultivated a comprehensive skill set and an impressive track record. Her qualifications and expertise encompass an array of advanced treatments, ranging from machine facials, IPL hair removal, and hot wax techniques to specialized services like green peel applications and eyebrow and eyelash treatments. Notably, Rosie’s passion and proficiency shine in her tailor-made facial treatments, meticulously crafted to address the unique skincare needs of each individual client, reflecting her dedication to delivering personalized, top-notch skincare experiences.

Her extensive background in beauty and commitment to customization underscore her ability to provide a diverse clientele with a wide range of beauty solutions, ensuring that every individual receives the utmost care and attention in achieving their skincare goals. Rosie’s expertise and adaptability make her a sought-after professional in the beauty industry, ready to deliver exceptional results and client satisfaction.